Contributing to a climate-friendly development path and sustainable growth in Zambia

GET FiT Zambia is designed to assist the Zambian Government in the implementation of its REFiT Strategy and aims to procure and support Independent Power Producer (IPP) projects up to 20 MW.

GET FiT Zambia seeks to contribute to a climate-friendly development path and sustainable growth in Zambia. The donor-funded Programme aims to achieve this by improving the framework conditions for private sector involvement in the power sector, strengthening the Zambian power market. The procurement and support of 200 MW renewable energy capacity are at the core of the Programme, divided into a 100 MW solar PV round, and a 100 MW small hydro round. Additional components of the Programme aim to boost institutional capacity and enable a transparent regulatory framework for private sector participation.

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Solar Tender

The first round of the GET FiT Zambia Programme was a tender for solar PV capacity. The tender has already concluded and results were announced in April 2019, awarding a total of 120 MWac to three developers. Read more

Hydro Tender

The REFiT Strategy also allocated 100 MW of capacity to hydro projects. The second round of GET FiT, the Small Hydro tender, was launched January 2019. Prequalified companies and consortia were announced in May 2019. Read more

GET FiT Toolbox

GET FiT Zambia has developed a set of tools designed to help create an attractive environment for private investors. Besides the procurement and transaction support, this includes a Viability Gap Funding component, Grid Integration support and a Technical Assistance component – with the aim of realizing a transformational impact on the Zambian power sector and it’s private sector involvement.

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The GET FiT Programme is executed by the Zambian Ministry of Energy, and implemented by the German development bank KfW. Programme funding is provided by the German government. In addition, a multitude of Zambian stakeholders is involved, such as ERB, ZESCO and OPPPI. Other cooperating international organizations include the African Development Bank, and Africa Trade Insurance.

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