MOE Withdraws Moratorium on FSR Applications and Invites FSR Applications For Small Hydro Projects

This Ministry of Energy (MoE) announced to all interested parties that the Moratorium on feasibility studies for Small Hydro Projects of up to 20MW which was put in place on 19th September 2018 had been lifted. Click here to access the press statement.

The MOE announced that they would therefore commence with receiving Applications for Feasibility Study Rights (FSR) from Developers who prequalified for the GET FiT Zambia 100MW Small Hydro Tender. Prequalified Developers would be participating in the Tender who already currently held FSR were also expected to apply for FSR to be issued with the new standardised Approval Letter.

Prequalified Developers could apply for FSR from 10th May 2019 until 10th June 2019 by completing the Application Form and Submission guidelines which could be downloaded from the MOE website.   

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